Search and compare map

About Rally Health:
Rally Health is a consumer-centric digital health company that makes it easy for individuals to take charge of their health and collaborates with health plans, care providers, and employers to engage consumers. More than 30 million consumers have access to the Rally platform through more than 200,000 employers, and payers such as UnitedHealthcare, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, Health Alliance, and others.

Rally Health offers a bird’s-eye perspective on healthcare consumers with an interactive map from Kineviz

Executive Summary:
For their Executive Innovation Center, Rally Health needed a tool to visually convey the priorities of healthcare consumers around the US. The tool had to both support guided presentations and enable unsupervised exploration. Kineviz accomplished these goals by creating an interactive map that displays Rally customer activity since April 2016 in all fifty states. Users can see how many people searched for or compared a variety of services, and hone in on any state down to a 3-zip level of detail. This reveals how the Rally user experience optimizes quality of care and cost for users based on factors such as utilization of Premium providers, steerage to urgent care over ER, and more.

The Challenge:
Visitors to Rally Health’s Executive Briefing Center want to learn about the priorities shaping healthcare consumer’s decision. Rally needed a visualization tool that could tell a story in a single glance—and that story could come from any of the fifty United States over the course of 18 months. Rally had to go beyond the capabilities of a self-service dashboard builder in order to

  • Jump to any day since April 2016 in any of the fifty states and display user activity
  • Make a multivariate, continuously growing data set easy to comprehend without a need for prior knowledge or data science expertise
  • Support both guided presentation and free form exploration

The Solution:
Kineviz developed a browser-based interactive map representing consumer search and comparison activity as cones of light. Users can jump between the US and all fifty states on any given day since April 2016. Inset charts display seven day trends and the relative volume of comparison terms. Queries can be executed with two or three taps of a touch screen. Additionally, the ability to sync browser sessions enables a presenter to drive large screen presentations from a tablet or computer.

The Search and Compare Map gives Rally Health a powerful storytelling tool to make a complex topic easily intelligible. Visitors to Rally’s EIC—policy makers, journalists, and industry leaders— can use the Search and Compare Map to quickly get an overview of the US health consumer landscape and then drill down on the questions most relevant to them. The value Rally delivers by guiding their users to the best care at the best cost for their needs is made apparent at a glance. Rally now anticipates extending deployment of the Search and Compare Map to conferences and additional locations.