Kineviz Reporting


From database to deck in a single click

Users of Kineviz Reporting see a jump from creating less than ten decks a week to hundreds in single day.

Kineviz Reporting pipes data directly from your data source into your PowerPoint or PDF deck. Whether it’s multiple decks for clients or a regular status update, generate all your reports with one click.

Cut two hours to one click
Forget copy and pasting data into the same report week after week. The time-consuming and tedious process of transferring data from one application to another time spent hand filling your template is now as simple as making a single menu selection.

Many to one
With connectors for all major data sources, it’s painless to create reports across platforms. Ingest form data and you can even enable customers or prospects to create their own reports on demand—perfect for ROI calculators.

Reporting on the go—securely
Kineviz Reporting supports multiple access management platforms with on-prem and cloud deployment options. Generate reports on the road, online, at points-of-sale, and trade show booths.

Kineviz Reporting outputs

  • PowerPoint
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • ...and more to come