Location Data Tracking Mobile App for Events

CalPerformances at UC Berkeley asked Kineviz to collaborate in creating a unique audience participation experience called CITIZEN DANCE, a performance event taking place simultaneously at from multiple stages across the UC Berkeley campus over a 2 hour period. They were looking for a way to guide the people through the event and facilitate participation. They also wanted to collect data on audience traffic at the event, and use it to create an easy to understand visualization.

To achieve the goals set forth by CalPerformances, Kineviz designed a mobile app (for IOS and Android) specifically for the CITIZEN DANCE event. Once the app was installed on a phone, location beacons placed across the campus could track and display it’s location on an animated map of the campus, which showed where it was in relation to the performance stages.

When the user got to a stage the app “unlocked” content specific to that performance, in the form of audio, video and text, which guided them in participating with the event.

While the user was interacting with the performance, their location data was captured to our database. The aggregated user data was presented as an animated map of audience traffic across the duration of the event, a powerful tool for visualizing audience movement and engagement


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