Kineviz at CSITF

Kineviz at CSITF


Kineviz in Shanghai

Recently Weidong Yang, Sony Green and Travis Bennett of Kineviz participated in the 2017 China (Shanghai) International Tech Fair (CSITF) to represent the burgeoning SF/Bay Area tech/art scene. This fast growing community of artists and scientists is in the forefront of the global movement to explore the Art and Science of digital communication. 

Actually, they were at the CSITF representing 2 groups at once: Kineviz and Kinetech Arts. Kineviz specializes in creating data driven experiences that make complex data easy to understand. Kinetech Arts is a non-profit arts group where artists, musicians, scientists, technologists and dancers collaborate to design unique live performances. Both groups are rooted in a common goal: making information and technology more accessible.

Kineviz created a lot of excitement around the possibilities of data visualization in VR. As Sony Green, head of Business Development for Kineviz, said in an interview with Technode,  "VR offers a lot of advantages over existing data visualizations solutions, especially for certain kind of datas. When you get into really high dimensional data, something like 100 different dimensions per node. It’s difficult to keep track of all that info with lots of 2D graphics and it becomes a very large cognitive load for people to track them on multiple screens at once."

One highlight of the visit was meeting Steven Hsu, Assistant VP of development of Noitom, makers of the Perception Neuron motion capture suit. Kineviz is using motion capture to explore real-time live human interaction with information in WebVR.

Weidong and Travis Bennet (co-founder and Creative Director of Kineviz) also participated in a panel discussion hosted by CSITS and CCUP on “The Belt and The Road: Tech Leads the World.”

Special thanks for making our visit possible to Caterina Zhang of CMG China Media Group Limited, Sean Li, and Jiayi Young of UC Davis, without whom this visit would not have been possible. 


Kineviz, 620 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107