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Kineviz helps you realize the value of big data by visualizing it in VR. We serve enterprise and institutional clients across industry verticals including life sciences, cloud computing, semiconductors, and more. By approaching data science with an artistic sensibility, we have brought our clients 10x efficiency gains over traditional solutions.

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Kineviz Data Research Lab (KDRL)

The Kineviz Data Research Lab (KDRL) brings together engineers, scientists, mathematicians, computer programmers and statisticians to develop new methods of analyzing and visualizing large data sets. The goal is to better understand structures and patterns of large-scale, hyper-dimensional data, and to provide deeper insights than are possible with with traditional data analysis tools. We use machine learning and big data mining algorithms, VR/AR and 3D immersive environments to create unique data analytics platforms, applicable to many fields, such as science and engineering, medicine, business - anywhere Big Data is involved.


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