Cyber Security

Detect fraud faster by combining and comparing data from multiple sources like payment behavior, identity, geographic location, and OSINT. Prioritize threats by impact and intent. Quickly spot anomalies, separate leads, and review within seconds all the trends that enable confident decision making.


Better bioinformatics cut days of analysis down to minutes. Cluster and segment million+ entities to reveal hidden correlations.  Traverse a large corpus of information with visual knowledge management.

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Business Intelligence

Capture distinct perspectives across departments with dynamic data modeling. Fluidly navigate log data to surface information flow and usage patterns. Review historical data or track activity in real time with rapid slice and dice, drill down, and filtering tools. 

A force multiplier for analysts


Parametric Scatter Plots

Discover correlations, trends, and clusters.

Bring together powerful statistical tools and link analysis.


Geospatial & Time Series

Reveal the why by mapping the who, where, and when.

Play through a timeline or filter by duration. 


Dynamic Data Modeling

Rework your data model on the fly with total flexibility.

Work with multiple data sources in a shared environment.



XR (Extended Reality)

XR is emerging as a force multiplier for data science. With GraphXR, traverse your data at light speed, navigate 1 million+ nodes, and surface insights you didn't even know to look for.


GraphXR Supports:

On-prem and cloud-based

Choose GraphXR Nautilus for on-prem deployment or GraphXR Cetus for a hosted platform

Windows, PC, and Linux

Runs in any WebGL compatible browser, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality

Cross platform support through WebXR

Download our Graph XR Data Sheet here