Kineviz Dashboard


Access your data from anywhere - securely!

See clearer, know faster, and act with confidence
It’s up to you where and when you review your indicators. Kineviz Dashboard runs in-browser on desktop, mobile, and tablets. Because it supports multiple access management platforms, you can deploy Kineviz Dashboard on-premises or in the cloud with the confidence that your data is secure.

Intuitive visual analytics
In addition to all common graph types—pie charts, scatter plots, choropleths, and more—Kineviz Dashboard supports graph types geared towards more specific use cases. Chart relationships over time with a network graph. Visualize machine learning algorithms like t-SNE and Random Forest. Kineviz Dashboard can even map vinformation to 3D models, such as sensor data from IoT devices inside a building.

Everything you need in one place
Kineviz Dashboard delivers at-a-glance insight into your mission critical data. Aggregate multiple data streams into a single view that’s easy to configure and update. Efficiency meets flexibility with connectors to all major data sources.

Kineviz Dashboard can map any kind of information to 3D models

  • Runs in-browser on mobile and desktop
  • Quickly and easily generate reports
  • Connect to all major data sources